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Private Class of Your Choice!

Private Class of Your Choice!

Take advantage of our exclusive group class offers today! Our small group private classes are ideal for bachelor/bachelorette parties, team bonding/building, families, friend groups and more! Our classes can be completed in the comfort of your home/office/other for up to 10 people and customized to your skill level and expertise ranging from: “I’ve never touched a gun before” to “I need to improve my speed and accuracy.”


We even offer private CCW and/or CCW renewals.  The State of Nevada requires a CCW course to be no less than 8 hours with the renewal class lasting not less than 4 hours.


All hands-on live shooting portions will be conducted at an appropriate shooting range or other safe location agreed upon by the group and instructor. Don’t wait— contact us today to answer any questions that you may have.


- Children/young adults are welcome to participate. However, age restrictions may apply to certain classes/training opportunities.


- Most classes will last six to eight hours. Date/type of class will be arranged between instructor and group.


- Instructor travel fees may apply.




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