Basic Pistol - Family of 4 GIFT CERTIFICATE

Basic Pistol - Family of 4 GIFT CERTIFICATE

This is a GREAT family/group activity (12+) that will emphasize how to safely handle firearms and the importance of doing so! This is a $560 value. Save $80 - this is almost the full cost of our CCW class!





This class emphasizes how to safely handle firearms and the importance of doing so!


you will learn...


  • the parts of pistols, their actions and how they operate
  • the universal safety rules for safe gun handling
  • types of pistol ammunition, how to care for it and store it
  • the five fundamentals of shooting a pistol
  • pistol maintenance
  • how to select a pistol that is right for you
  • how to pursue pistol shooting activities and additional training


You also get...


  • plenty of range time to get comfortable with applying the classroom instruction to your shooting and improve your skills - challenge yourself to achieve a higher marksmanship level!
  • access to your instructor for future consultation regarding firearms related questions
  • a full color NRA student handbook further detailing information taught during the class plus much more - YOURS TO KEEP AND TAKE HOME!


  • Redemption Details

    Once you have made your purchase, we will contact you for address information to send your gift certificate. It can be redeemed for any Basic Pistol class date that has available seating. Seats fill up fast, so don't wait!

  • What do I need?

    Please note that ALL of the equipment required for shooting is available for rent/purchase at the range. The list below is provided for those who wish to bring their own.  However, it is recommended that if you do have access to any of the items below, you bring it to the class.
    • At least one pistol (any caliber). If you do not own a pistol please ask the instructor about rentals (included in cost of course, must purchase ammunition).
    • AT LEAST 100 ROUNDS LIVE AMMUNITION: MUST NOT BE ARMOUR PIERCING, EXPLOSIVE, TRACER, INCENDIARY, STEELE OR ALUMINIUM CASED. Ammunition is available for purchase at the range (COVID19 may affect availability, please call range ahead or check with the list of suppliers below and let them know you have a class with Battle Born Personal Protection Training).
    • Eye and Ear Protection (prescription eyeglasses are acceptable) rentals are available
    • GUN CLEANING KIT, (universal or specific to your caliber handgun). Cleaning solvent/lubricant is provided.
    • latex gloves, soft cloth/paper towels. (for gun cleaning
    • layered clothing...the room temperature may fluctuate
    • Notepad, pens, highlighters
$560.00 Regular Price
$480.00Sale Price